I have been trying to find the answer to this question for a long time (since I left competive swimming , I had gained weight due to sedimentary lifestyle ) , so I gathered the best practices , Implemented on myself , Result ? Lost 7 kg in a month, I feel great and I am on my ideal weight limit But before we start I want to share some basic Metabolism : Body is like a engine , food fuel , so if lead sedimentary life style and eat junk food (bad fuel) , your body metabolism will slow down and you will gain fat , first near your tummy (Visceral fat) and all over body which is body way of storing access food as fat , FAT is evolutionary response , its supposed to used as reserve as food go low , ideal for cave man but not for us . So before you start excecising do this

  1. TSH or Thyroid and Diabetes test , if are you suffering from hypothyroid (condition where you gain wieght ) , please visit your doctor and start taking harmone pills
  2. BMR or Basal Metabolic rate : basically Energy required just be alive or at when you are at rest , calculate your BMR at one of many online calculators like ->
  3. Calculate how much you are overweight by referring to height weight chart , also consider your frame size , your region ->
  4. calculate how is you calorie intake ->
So ideally to loose weight you should Burn more calorie than
  1. Food plan : You dont need to eat less or diet , subsitutute your food with low carb , high fiber diet , like meat eat chicken , fish (roasted , grilled or boiled ) rather than Red meat , Eat lots of salad , natural fibers , fruits ets
  2. Eat More !: Yes Eat more around 5 times a day , keep you metabolism active , Eat tasty but healty foods like salads , fruits , chicken , eggs , whole grain , rice cakes , corn etc
  3. Junk the Junk Food : Seriously junk , substitute it resins , dark  chocolates , yogurt , roasted nuts etc
  4. Drink lots of water ! Around 2 liters
  5. Do at least 20 min cardio , 20 min strength training or floor exercises

Not that hard is it ?


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