Your life , we humans are genetically programmed for games , all advanced mammals and predators spend  good portion of time to play , it playing with friends , playing alone like playing musical instruments , thinking about equation , or talking (social play) .Play or games promote higher cognitive development , specially important in case of toddlers . What are practical implementation of this theory ? Huge just Huge ..imagine learning a language in few days , building billions dollar worth of project or software with people all over the globe you never met , or worlds biggest encyclopedia , video websites , social networks

Not only Gamification  of our lives help us too learn faster , do more but can also help us to make happy , during play we loose the the concept of time , totally focused on play , we go into meditative state called flow , its one of best feeling you can ever feel (courtesy optimal level of  dopamine , released)

So here are the Ground rules for Gamification

  1. Prepared environment : Get a optimal environment for play , if you are painting maybe some where place near nature , programming nice desk with good lighting and music , if environment is not there or ou cannot create it accept the reality and use whatever you got
  2. Clearly defined Goals : Do not confuse your subconsciousness with too many or complex goal , keep it simple , in three words like I want to climb that mountain , I want to on the best entrepreneur , Get a n Good Job . Goals should not be negative , rather than having a goal like I dont want to be poor , have a positive goal like I want to be rich and happy
  3. Be in zone : You need to visualize your success or end result of success you want  or lucid dream about your success , your subconsciousness will start believing and working on it, get rid of negative feeling like fear or anxiety
  4. Always start small and iterate : This is most important step always start small , something you can do and improve on it
  5. Enjoy the game , dont get attached to results


Gamification is perhaps the most thing I have discovered in my life , I don’t
 want to use complex terms and theories to explain , but I will be using it make my life and work more fun and happy .

So test  above whose is best person to test it , me off course I will be testing it on me , and will be cataloging it  (for example i it for reducing my weight , I lost 8 kg in 2 months , will make new category in blog), my next target use it to learn how to innovate faster , piratically and successfully , lets see how it goes :-)


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